sQuad Force is a Zelda-like, top down, dungeon crawl. You play as four heroes that have been joined together by their souls. You must switch between these heroes to use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and defeat your foes. Search the dungeon for the ancient Quadforce Pieces! Collect all four to see a secret at the end...

Gamepad strongly recommended!


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The page crashed shortly after so i wasn't able to get a fullscreen screenshot :( The visuals were nice and I enjoyed playing through it! Good work!

I really liked the visuals of your game but the red blobs were way too hard to beat. On my second try one of them got stuck on the wall and I got hard locked. Would like to give the game another try though if you continue making it :)

Just so you know no one has beaten the game yetIf you are the first to beat the game and you comment a screenshot proving it I will cash app you a small prize!

As always, wish we could have worked longer but I am super happy with what we accomplished!